Ten Year Enterprise.

The 10 Year Enterprise is a weekly vlog series documenting the journey of Wesley Scoville as he grows his agency, Black Field Media, to an international level over the next 10 years.


Callista Polhemus and Daniel Stanush on Quality Over Quantity #TYEPodcast Ep. 15


Conquer Yourself to Conquer the World #TYEDaily Ep. 4

We're All In The Digital Space #TYEDaily Ep. 3

Go All In Or Not At All #TYEDaily Ep. 2

All You Need To Do Is Ask #TYEDaily Ep. 1


Callista Polhemus and Daniel Stanush on Quality Over Quantity #TYEPodcast Ep. 15

Jason Law on the Culture of Coaching #TYEPodcast Ep. 14

Ryan Duey on the Nuances of Modern Medicine + Finding Balance #TYEPodcast Ep. 13

Kyle Cassano on Humility, Modern Media + Redefining Success #TYEPodcast Ep. 12

Justin Henry on Taking Risks, Sharing Your Journey & Eliminating Excuses #TYEPodcast Ep. 11

Kimberly Prince on Patience, Problem-Solving & Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone #TYEPodcast Ep. 10

Lucky Rodrigues on Discovering Entrepreneurship and Building Company Culture #TYEPodcast Ep. 9

Cayla Jordan on Building a Business, Delegation & Brand Identity #TYEPodcast Ep. 8

Roshaun Davis on Team Empowerment, The 10 Year Mark & Following Your Path #TYEPodcast Ep. 7

The Katnik Sisters on Sacramento, Entrepreneurship & Overcoming Fear #TYEPodcast Ep. 6

Mike Diamond on Agency, Sacramento & Locality and Work-Life Integration #TYEPodcast Ep. 5

Joshua Montmeny on Self-Fulfillment and Producing a Podcast #TYEPodcast Ep. 4

Haley Titus #TYEPodcast Ep. 3

Kachet Jackson-Henderson on Collaboration, Business and Advice on Starting #TYEPodcast Ep. 2

William Thompson on Growing, Building Community and Leadership #TYEPodcast Ep. 1


Don't Sit On The Sidelines Thursday Drive-Bys Ep. 3

Passion is the key Thursday Drive-Bys Ep. 2

It's Not About Happiness Thursday Drive-Bys Ep. 1

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