How does Black Field Media work with new clients?

A relationship with a new client typically starts with a phone call or a meeting between one of Black Field Media's Partners or Directors and a prospective client. This initial meeting is to determine if the client’s objectives and Black Field Media’s experience are a match.

How does brand development work?

We ask our clients to participate directly with us in an intimately collaborative process based on specific measures of success, prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. The result is one team of client and agency working towards success with less time invested in presentations and arbitrary deliverables.

Does Black Field Media respond to RFPs (Requests for Proposals)?

Black Field Media will respond to an RFP if the agency’s Partners and Directors feel that the project is a good fit and only after the agency has met the prospective client in person or by phone. Please either submit your RFP here or via email: info@blackfieldmedia.com.

How does Black Field Media determine a project’s costs / agency fees?

Black Field Media develops fees based on either the projected number of agency hours dedicated to a project or a group of projects. Agency fees include the cost of agency staff compensation, overhead and the agency profit margin. In addition to fees, project expenses are estimated in advance and billed to our clients.

What does ‘in-house creative’ mean?

Good products require good development, production, and deliverability.
The best digital products and services are created through a collaborative process between client and agency. Black Field Media acts as "your own personal marketing agency" with talented photographers, videographers, designers and copy writers working together under one roof.

Is Black Field Media a local, regional, or national agency?

Black Field Media is a national agency, but does work with some select regional clients based in Southern and Northern, CA.

How often do you engage with your clients customers?

Black Field Media is a 7 day a week management agency. We create, post, and engage with our brands and their clients daily.