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Scandal Lounge


We have always told our partners that we liken the work we do and our daily environment to that of a newspaper. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t old school like those guys. But the never-ending, quick pace and constant striving to discover and share our partners' most authentic selves (see below) on a daily basis is what drives us. Some days we're behind a desk (or a phone) working away on copy. Other days we’re filming a winemaker up in Amador County or a caravan of electric cars through Sacramento. No two days are alike. And we aim to keep it that way.


Here at Black Field Media, honesty is more than a core value. To be honest is to be truthful and authentic with who we are, so we can be truthful and authentic with who YOU are. To understand our origin and to use that as the benchmark to strive for greatness. If we can’t be open and honest with our clients, how can we ever expect them to share their unique story with us? If we expect someone to break down their walls for us, we need to break down our walls for them. For us to share your story, you have to entrust us to take care of it. It all starts with honesty.

Scandal Lounge


Our product is as unique and diverse as the relationships we've built. We don’t look at our prospective partners simply as "the next client." We believe that when someone chooses to work with us, they are inviting us to have a seat at the table. The dinner table, that is. It’s in the literal and figurative breaking of the bread together. This journey which is the beginning of a long term and transformative relationship. We only strive for long-lasting relationships, because only when we are unified can we create something truly special.